Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Westbury Primary School make 250 cream felt spheres

Photos of just some of the fantastic children that have enthusiastically

contributed cream felt spheres to the Pleiades collection.

The day was most enjoyable, we had three hours together working on the project and unlike usual class time when the children are not to sit in class and chatter, today I encouraged them to chatter amongst themselves (other wise they would fiddle with the spheres - I have some photos of some of the “shooting stars” were little fingers pulled and fiddled)

What I noticed while helping the children was that once given permission to chat and not fiddle when rolling their sphere the conversations were often similar to when I have worked with groups of adults. They talked about their weekend, their pets and there was one table that informed me that they were top secret agents – that was fun.

During the time together we talked about Pleiades and that there are many cultural stories/myths/legends around the constellation. We also talked about the new skill that was learnt – felting, and how we could use this skill to make many other projects. I also understand that the teachers involved during the day will be creating variations of the felt spheres to hang in their classrooms.

I am looking forward to seeing their work progress – so please keep this site posted with photos and comments of your work.

We made 250 spheres. Thank You.

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