Thursday, September 9, 2010

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Some images till next time...

There has been a fantastic response to Pleiades...

"I never did get to make a sphere for this wonderful project but was part of the Wild Willow Cafe also in civic square. Daily and nightly I had the pleasure of gazing into this wonderful instillation and listened to the comments of people young, not so young and inbetween, well done and I hope to see this magnificent work installed somewhere else in tassis, maybee at Salamanca place for the Taste of Tasmania!

Everything looks great. I've heard people talking about the Pleiades and how beautiful it looks. All that hard work was well worth it.

It looks fabulous!


......I loved the Pleiades tree also – I was raised in English countryside and the reminded me of snow on the winter branches which quite affected me.

- Kareina

We have been out and looked at your balls on display. Did it from the car as neither of us were able to get out in the cold weather and wander around. Lots of people in civic square looking. It adds a new dimension to the tree. Looks good.

Jackie and John

IT looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Was so wonderful watching you install your beautiful work ... my little girl is still talking about 'the snow tree'.

Loz and Dinny

....... the beautiful balls that are in the tree in civic square?

They would be perfect for us to use in the same effect for our wedding in February?...

With joy,

(my response to this one....

How fantastic that you have been inspired by the instillation.

I do agree that making your own would be a far more engaging process for you and your wedding party/guests; your own private collection from guests and family would be a beautiful memento.)

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