Tuesday, October 5, 2010

referencing the Pleiades...

A message from Joe Dolce....

"Here's the Sappho poem I sang (referencing the Pleiades) and a link to an audio version - at the bottom of the link.

link -


Tonight I've watched
the moon and then
...the Pleiades
go down.

The night is now

youth goes;

I am in bed alone.

  • Recording of Fragment 64, translated by Mary Barnard, from 'Evocation of Sappho' four fragments set to music, sung in English translation and performed by Joe Dolce, from the CD 'freelovedays', 26 April 2003.

"....... the Wiki page for the great poet Sappho. A link to my recording of Fragment 64 (translated by Mary Barnard) from my album 'Freelovedays' is at the bottom of the page but do listen to all the interpretations for insights into her work.

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