Monday, December 10, 2012

Pleiades - getting ready to be hung at Falls festival 2012

 Getting the work ready to re hang.
 The first few.....
 and a few more.
 Estelle giving me a hand.
 Kim sinking her teeth into it.
 More and more being added.
 Cameron giving a hand.
 My dog and I hard at work - it was too big to work on inside any more.
 Cameron packing up after a days work.
 Megan giving a hand.
A sneak peak before the work is hung at Falls.

Pleiades is being re hung/strung ready for the Falls Music and Arts Festival.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pleiades at Jackeys Marsh Forest Festival

3rd to 5th of Feb 2012

Jackeys Marsh Forest Festival.

2012 festival have pulled together a fun filled festival program from all over the country. Set against the stunning backdrop of Quamby Bluff and the Great Western Tiers...

Focusing on the diverse forests of the Great Western Tiers, the festival offers guided walks, children’s activities, the forest art trail, workshops, music, entertainment, and great local food options..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Yesterday there was a conversation about the Junction Arts Festival. The festival was being explained to some one that had not seen it last year. During the explanation, one of the ladies grabbed her mobile phone to show images of Pleiades to the others involved in the conversation.

How fantastic that the installation still lives on.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Images by Patrick Sutzack .c.

Thank you Patrick Sutzack for passing these images on via Sara. It is just brilliant so many months after the instillation to receive images of Pleiades . Thank you.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

referencing the Pleiades...

A message from Joe Dolce....

"Here's the Sappho poem I sang (referencing the Pleiades) and a link to an audio version - at the bottom of the link."

link -

Tonight I've watched
the moon and then
...the Pleiades
go down.

The night is now

youth goes;

I am in bed alone.

  • Recording of Fragment 64, translated by Mary Barnard, from 'Evocation of Sappho' four fragments set to music, sung in English translation and performed by Joe Dolce, from the CD 'freelovedays', 26 April 2003.

"....... the Wiki page for the great poet Sappho. A link to my recording of Fragment 64 (translated by Mary Barnard) from my album 'Freelovedays' is at the bottom of the page but do listen to all the interpretations for insights into her work.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some young friends enjoying Pleiades...

"The girls enjoying Pleides in Civic Square! They were pretty proud of you as you can tell by their expressions! "

An email from a friend.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Till next time...

Some images till next time...

There has been a fantastic response to Pleiades...

"I never did get to make a sphere for this wonderful project but was part of the Wild Willow Cafe also in civic square. Daily and nightly I had the pleasure of gazing into this wonderful instillation and listened to the comments of people young, not so young and inbetween, well done and I hope to see this magnificent work installed somewhere else in tassis, maybee at Salamanca place for the Taste of Tasmania!

Everything looks great. I've heard people talking about the Pleiades and how beautiful it looks. All that hard work was well worth it.

It looks fabulous!


......I loved the Pleiades tree also – I was raised in English countryside and the reminded me of snow on the winter branches which quite affected me.

- Kareina

We have been out and looked at your balls on display. Did it from the car as neither of us were able to get out in the cold weather and wander around. Lots of people in civic square looking. It adds a new dimension to the tree. Looks good.

Jackie and John

IT looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Was so wonderful watching you install your beautiful work ... my little girl is still talking about 'the snow tree'.

Loz and Dinny

....... the beautiful balls that are in the tree in civic square?

They would be perfect for us to use in the same effect for our wedding in February?...

With joy,

(my response to this one....

How fantastic that you have been inspired by the instillation.

I do agree that making your own would be a far more engaging process for you and your wedding party/guests; your own private collection from guests and family would be a beautiful memento.)

Alice Springs and the USA

Thsi box contains work from

NAIDOC – Alice Springs,

Fibre Group - Warrenton, VA. USA

Episcoal Church, Warrenton, VA. USA

Year 1 boys at Living Watus Lutheran School- Alice Springs

Regina had heard about Pleiades from the Textile Fibre Forum web site, thanks to Janet DeBoer's genorosity and support in posting Pleiades details on the TAFTA web site:

What I find fantastic is that this work is inspiring people from across the globe to contribute. This truly validates the essence of the work... "we all live under the same sun".

Extracts from our communications....
From Regina....
I read about your project on the TAFTA website and was enamoured. I am from Virginia, transplanted to Alice Springs for 2 years. We're about a year down. I asked my fibre pals in VA (Piedmont Spinners and Weavers) if they'd like to be in your installation and they made a boxful at their meeting. The meeting leader also made some with the care-givers at her church in Warrenton, VA. ........ I'll be sure to take some at the NAIDOC program. It's at Central Craft here, in Alice where the Beanie Festival just ended. Oh, that would have been a great sphere opportunity! Rats!.

From: Diana G.
To: Regina Y.
Regina, I (Diana G) mailed the box of felt balls today.
... here is the list
from the guild its : Helen T. Elaine R., Feliecia B., Wanda D. (first timer) , and Me.
from St. Stephen Church : Ruth F., Michele & Lindsay McD., Kay S., Karen M., and Me.
So I think it will be neat that there will be Virginia felted balls hanging from trees in Tasmania.

I think it is very neat... Thank you all very much.

Lilydale District School

A fantastic collection from Cara at Lilydale District School. A brilliant effort from several classes.

A collection from Giant Steps

Jenni-Lee Routldge and her fantastic students at Giant Steps made some for the collection. I believe that Jenni-Lee and some of the students came and say there work hanging in the tree.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pleiades has been packed up till next time - stay tuned as I still have many posts to add...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Installing Pleiades

By 11am

Bringing in the boom lift.

Mid morning and most of the lower limbs have been installed.