Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pleiades (Kungkarangkalpa) The Pleiades are an important group of stars which form the basis of a similar myth all across Australia. They represent a group of young women, seven sisters, who are pursued by Orion. In the desert communities, this is considered a woman myth, though the group of women have connection with many of the other ancestral beings belonging to men's business. In the desert area around Kalgoorlie, it is related that once the seven sisters decided to visit the Earth and flew down. they looked for their favourite plateau to land on; but found their landing-place covered with little men called Yayhart. They called to them to get out of the way, but they refused. The sisters finally landed upon another hill. The Yayart men saw where they landed and decided to capture them. The sisters ran off and eventually the men grew tired of the pursuit, except for one. He kept on following them and following them. At last one of the sisters left the group to find water. The man followed her. She found water and was drinking it when she heard the faint sound of a foot being placed carefully on the ground. She looked up, saw the Yayarr man, and raced off. He charged after her and finally caught her. She yelled and screamed. He picked up; a stick to quieten her and swung it. The woman jumped out of the way. he swung the stick again and again and missed and missed. The marks of his stick can still be seen on the side of a hill in that country. finally, the woman escaped back to the hill where she and her sisters had landed. They had gone. She looked up into the sky, saw her six sisters there and rose to join them. The Yayarr man followed after and became Orion.

When the Pleiades are seen at dawn, it is said that this is a sign that the cold season is coming.

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