Saturday, May 1, 2010

1st May. 50 more cream felt spheres made.

Just some of the 50 cream felt spheres made today.
Some with a combination of tops and raw fleece.

Anastasia's picture of her alpacas and pet dog.
Anastasia made at least 5 spheres for the collection - Thank you

Three of the fantastic repeat offenders. These ladies have contributed many many spheres to the collection and are great company on the 1st Sat of the month. Thank you Sam Catarina and Margaret.

Two new felters and my daughter.

Ooops they ended up with a very long tail....

It's a shooting star.
(Later the tail was removed and made into another cream felt sphere.)

1st of May at the QVMAG Launceston.

I know that almost all these updates have me saying what a fantastic day it is, but it is. I really do believe that this is a very special project. Every time I have the opportunity to work with others on this project I always leave feeling absolutely exhausted but elated that I have witnessed people meeting each other for the first time, sharing stories with each other, helping each other and often letting down some of those barriers that we have around us at different times.

I would love to hear how other people are finding working on this project. Are you working with a group? Are you working alone? Have you meet new people? Have you learnt a new skill? How are your hands holding up? Mine tonight are rather swollen, so tonight it will be a thick lathering of hemp cream and cotton gloves to help my hands recover.

There were eight people today to create spheres, two were new to the project, here is what they have to say... (the other 6 contributors have already posted in the past)


Health wealth, happiness – a better world for us all


I am 8 and I love horse-riding. I have a dog called Majee.

Till next time - Keep on Rolling and sending them in to be included in the collection.

Thank you.

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