Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ellendale Wellbeing Day

38 Spheres were made today, Thank you.

Today I was fortunate enough to be invited to take part in the Ellendale Wellbeing Day.
There was a lovely mix of people and a very well thought out program on offer for all that attended the day.

Opportunities to have the Pleiades work involved in community events is fantastic as it supports the many different conceptual layers to this work.

Once again the creating of cream felt spheres for the collection brought together friends and strangers, young and young at heart to learn new skills and polish existing ones. There were many conversations that flowed effortlessly during the day, much joking and the occasional serious conversation. Again it was just magic to witness strangers supporting each other with a skill just learnt. Every time I have the privilege to work with others on this body of work it reinforces the power of this work and its many layers.

Below are some of the participants in the creating of more spheres today.

Also please remember that if you are working on this project to pop your name and a comment on this site and if you have photos of your work on this project please include them as well. Thank you


I hope to live a long enough to annoy my children.


I hope to keep enjoying life at Ellendale.


I hope to one day make a large contribution to my community.


I believe in magic and may it follow the tree on its mystical journey


I enjoy being hands on. I want to embrace life.


I hope to live a long and happy life and to see the world.


I hope I can contribute to the community and have happy life.


I hope to make positive changes to peoples lives


Great fun had a wonderful time with great people.


To live a happy and contented life and one day have grandchildren


I hope to see more harmony amongst all living beings on our planet


I hope to see more harmony amongst all living beings on our planet


enjoyed sitting and enjoying a peaceful time watching those around happily and peacefully connecting with a new activity and with each other. Thankyou for the stillness in the day and enabling us to be part of a bigger project.

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