Saturday, July 3, 2010

3rd of July, casual felting at the "Studio" Inveresk. 54 more cream spheres for the collection.

Some of the fantastic regular felters were again here to support the work, Thank you so much to Margaret, Margaret and Kay. (who also felted their initial into some of their work today - so keep an eye out for some very subtle personalised spheres during the installation.) I also met Pam today, Pam is a textile artist that brought some photosensitve pigment along today to so us how it works and how she is using it with her contribution to the collection. Needless to say Pam's contribution to the collection will be glowing (sorry could not help myself with that pun.)

It was great to have Dave back to make a few more. Plus this month three generations of felters turned up. Well the youngest of the family was interested in rolling them, while her mum and grandmother were inspired by the latest "Felt" magazine and worked on some layered felted flowers.

Three generations at felting today, with one of the regular felters giving a cheer of support.

It was a day for the little ones. There was also another mum and her little son that popped in for a look (sorry no photo) Another mum and her two sons came in to have a look and a chat about the work, then there were two members of a Photographic group that also popped in and took some photos, plus my family were there for a while. So all up, including the babies and those that popped in to learn more about the work 18 people turned up today. Unfortunately I did not get anyone's comments on the work this month. But technically Pam was the only new contributor today for the Pleiades collection and I know that I will be seeing her again, so I am sure she will register on the blog between now and August.

Another 54 cream felt spheres today. Plus if I included those spheres that have been pledged to the collection we have over 1,000. If I only count the ones spilling out of my studio, we have just under 900, actually 884. Well done every one.

July 11th I will be in Latrobe, Tasmania as part of the Winterfest celebrations, so if you have a collection that you would like to contribute, or wish to create some, or just LOVE chocolate, come along and enjoy Winterfest. I will be sitting rugged up under a tree with a small collection of the Pleiadies spheres at the Tasmanian Regional Arts Office, Latrobe. Will be great to see you.

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