Monday, July 5, 2010

More spheres on their way from Virginia, USA. via Alice springs, Australia.

Photo of the spheres from Virginia, USA.

Today I recived an email from Regina in Alice springs. Regina had heard about Pleiades from the Textile Fibre Forum web site, thanks to Janet DeBoer's genorosity and support in posting Pleiades details on the TAFTA web site:

What I find fantastic is that this work is inspiring people from across the globe to contribute. This truly validates the essence of the work... "we all live under the same sun".

Extracts from our communications today....
From Regina....
I read about your project on the TAFTA website and was enamoured. I am from Virginia, transplanted to Alice Springs for 2 years. We're about a year down. I asked my fibre pals in VA (Piedmont Spinners and Weavers) if they'd like to be in your installation and they made a boxful at their meeting. The meeting leader also made some with the care-givers at her church in Warrenton, VA. ........ I'll be sure to take some at the NAIDOC program. It's at Central Craft here, in Alice where the Beanie Festival just ended. Oh, that would have been a great sphere opportunity! Rats!.

From: Diana G.
To: Regina Y.
Regina, I (Diana G) mailed the box of felt balls today.
... here is the list
from the guild its : Helen T. Elaine R., Feliecia B., Wanda D. (first timer) , and Me.
from St. Stephen Church : Ruth F., Michele & Lindsay McD., Kay S., Karen M., and Me.
So I think it will be neat that there will be Virginia felted balls hanging from trees in Tasmania.

I think it is very neat... Thank you all very much.

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  1. What a great project, bringing people together by a common thread.