Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kathryn Whatley and her students at Riverside High...

Kathryn, an artist in her own right and an Art teacher at Riverside High has been working with her students making cream felt spheres for the Pleiades collection. Today (8.7.2010) Kathryn and her students added 73 spheres to the collection and she still has 4 more classes to work with.

So stay tuned to this post as I am sure there will be more photos and news about Riverside Highs contribution.

The total now in my studio (okay they have escaped into the spare bedroom as well!) ...... drum roll.... 957, well done every one. Ian Pidd (creative director of the Junction Arts festival predicted this week that we may get very close if not reach 2,000. I had joked about 2,000 in Feburary this year.. but you know what... I think we may just get 2,000!)

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